Because you DESERVE it.

In honor of my big win I've created "Celebratory Dave Pogs: Series ONE" just for you, AFFs!

Print 'em out and cut 'em loose because, down deep, I think we all wish we could get back those precious 1990's. Dan can't have any.


Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! Heheee

Dan said...

I was gonna knock this but I just can't...this is the best thing I have ever seen!

I'm not getting soft tho, I'll be back with a vengeance next week you clever bastard!

Mr.Jack said...

I didn't know you were keeping all your new stuff here. It's hilarious

Dave said...

Thanks Mr. Jack! Please help yourself to some pog.

Ibrahim said...

It's my BG. I forget about it and it makes me laugh every time I open my laptop.
How do you guys make all this stuff? don't you have jobs and limited attention spans?
How long does the average piece take?

jesse winchester s. said...


These are actually SWEET pog designs!